A new way of operating

 As we all know, the Covid-19 pandemic has turned countless lives upside down and caused unimaginable heartbreak for many in our community. Our thoughts go out to any of our customers who have been affected by this virus.

We have mixed feelings when it comes to our reopening. On one hand, we don't want to be disrespectful to anyone who has lost loved ones and suffered during this horrendous period. At the same time, we need to reopen to ensure the future of the business and protect the livelihoods of our excellent staff. 

On this note, we will be implementing a new normal, in an effort to keep everyone we welcome to The Brew Society as safe as possible.

We will carry out this new way of working for as long as it takes, making modifications as we go. We're sure it will be a learning experience as to how best run a business and keep people safe during this time. We are trying our best, but if you have any concerns please contact us.

In light of this, we have conducted a Covid 19 Management Risk Assessment.

We encourage all our customers to read the key points set out below:

We will require our customers to queue outside the venue before being shown to a table. We have considered a booking app, but have decided to trial a queuing system first. This will allow customers to stay for longer periods, should they wish. We will review this policy at regular intervals, and will change to a online booking system if we feel it is a better route forward.

We will take customers details on entry, inline with government guidelines on track and trace procedures.

We have reorganised the layout of The Brew Society to ensure tables are at least 1m apart. Customers will be asked to stay at their table unless leaving or going to the toilet.

Signage will be present to encourage customers to: sanitise their hands regularly; remain socially distant; and not to move tables and chairs to new locations.

There will be a separate exit for customers, reducing contact at the main entrance.

We will have cleaning stations present, including on entry. Customers will be encouraged to use those stations.

Any customer displaying signs of Covid 19 will not be served, asked to leave, and notified to the track and trace system.

Our toilets will have a socially distanced queueing system. The toilets will be cleaned every 30mins by our team. A cleaning station in each toilet will be available for our customers to use, in case they would like to clean touch points before use.

There will be no bar service, with table service instead implemented. This new way of working will keep both our staff and customers socially distanced.

Our staff will wear face masks/visors and wear gloves.

We will be card only, with payment taken at the table. Payment will be required on receiving drinks. The card reader will be cleaned after every use.

Tables and chairs will be cleaned down in-between customers

Needless to say, anyone ignoring government guidelines will be asked to leave.

As ever, dogs are more than welcome, but must be kept on a lead.

We hope this reassures customers that we are taking this process seriously. Our policy will modify over time as we seek to find the best route forward and stay up to date with government guidance.

We look forward to seeing everyone as and when possible.

All the best,

The Brew Society team